Scanlan House

Scanlan house is an inn in that they have more rooms then a standard bed and breakfast but don’t bring it up to them. The house is truly amazing on the outside. I think it matches something an inn should be. The grounds are very maintained and I have to say it is a better summer destination for this. You almost feel a need to take a stroll around the outside to just admire the architecture from a few angles.

Lanesboro, Minnesota lays claim as the B&B capital of Minnesota so you can see why the Scanlan house wants to get in on that. It is just labels so we will not fault them for it. ;)

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Hungry Point Inn

This old world inn is located in Welch, MN. Which art first seems a bit off the beaten path but maybe that is a plus. The hostess is the real thing. A person who understands how to set a pace that feels like you have stepped back in time. Not that you lack for anything, it is more of a relaxing mood. It is truly rustic in the furnishings but the modern conveniences are all there from wifi to rain showers. Think of it as a true getaway!

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Moondance Inn

This is a truly stately inn built in the 1870′s. The nice thing is the website gives a good feel for the individual rooms but does not do as well with the common areas. These are truly amazing. Located in Red Wing with fantastic views this is a truly amazing inn and well worth the look. I would recommend the King’s room as even though it is less foofoo well maybe because it is less foofoo.

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Covington Inn

This is a really fun one. Located on, yes on, the Mississippi River, it is situated in a tugboat. Some of the rooms have fireplaces and are much bigger and nicer then you would have thought. It is a really amazing getaway and well worth checking out. My favorite is the Pilot House suite that is situated well in the pilot house. Great views and a truly unique experience are the norm on this Inn.

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Spice Castle Inn

Spice Castle Inn is a fanstastic looking place. It has been in the family for 4 generations and still is today. With 16 rooms and 2 cabins, there really is something for everyone. You should be able to fit a large group for a family outing or a cozy romantic getaway.

The site is easy to navigate, with plenty of links to great reviews by previous guests and inn organizations that they belong to. I think it is easy to get a confident feel that you are going to a special place. The webcam to show the current conditions seemed like a great idea until I realized it was -17 and looking out over the frozen lake. Probably an amazing view in the summer was a little off putting in the winter.

The best part of this inn is that Minnesota does not offer much in the way of castles so for that alone it might be worth a go.

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The Inn on Lake Superior

Obviously not a typical Inn. This has the feel a hotel. The location is amazing with great walks, restaurants etc all within close distance. I would say it is an inn in name only and is really a very nice hotel. Nothing wrong with that and obviously that is the goal of many people but we will stop here as even though it looks fantastic, we would not recommend it as an inn.

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The Beginning

We are going to attempt to do short reviews of Minnesota Inns. Simple idea but how about the execution?

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